Governments are failing our community on climate change. It’s essential that we care for the wellbeing of future generations and protect our communities and the environment. If we don’t address global warming and its impact on our climate, we’ll leave an unsafe environment and a compromised quality of life as consequences of our inaction.

We can make the changes that are needed to address climate change, by committing to action and starting now. We can ensure that our society is empowered and resilient, and we can develop the new, sustainable industries and technologies that will provide jobs and ensure a healthy quality of life.

The Greens are committed to strong action on climate change. We need communities, businesses and all levels of government – federal, state and local – to play their part. You can lend your support by pledging your Commitment to Climate Action.

NSW Greens holding climate change banner

We want to make sure the environment is protected and future generations don't suffer a lower quality of life because of our inaction.

You can show your support for climate action and start the conversation in your community using our campaign materials. To help get the message across, we have stickers, leaflets and pledge sheets.

New South Wales can lead the way to addressing climate change and managing its impacts. The Greens have introduced legislation that would guide the duty of care of Government to safeguard people and the environment.

Jan Barham speaking in Parliament

There is an unprecedented but foreseeable risk and there are things that can be done to address it.

It is our responsibility to act.

Jan Barham MLC, introducing the Climate Change Bill into the NSW Parliament, 22 October 2015