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Jan Barham MLC has warned that the NSW Government and all parties risk failing their duty to the people of the state and future generations after the Greens’ Climate Change Bill was voted down by the Government, Labor and cross-bench parties in a 26-5 Legislative Council vote today. The Greens’ Bill was supported by the Animal Justice Party.

“The Greens’ Climate Change Bill was the first comprehensive framework proposed by any party in New South Wales to include climate change across all public decision-making and action.

“Climate action has been undermined for more than 25 years by vested interests arguing that action will be harmful, while the costs of failing to act have been ignored.

“The reality is that the impacts will be severe if we don’t take a leading role in fulfilling the Paris Agreement’s aims and pursue a 1.5 degrees limit on warming. We’ll also miss the opportunity to establish NSW as a leader in clean energy and sustainable industries.

“Today, Labor voted with the Government, the Christian Democrats and Shooters to defeat the Bill. The ALP proposed to delay action by referring the legislation to an inquiry about the impacts of the emissions reduction targets on the state.

“The Greens’ climate change legislation was designed to lock current and future governments into setting a course for net zero emissions by 2040, and require all government agencies to plan for a transition to net zero emissions and adaptation to the effects of global warming in their decision-making.

“The fundamental responsibility of governments and elected representatives is to protect the interests of citizens and allow future generations a life of wellbeing without inheriting the consequences of this generation’s mistakes and lack of courage.

“Premier Baird needs to lead the Liberal and National parties past their infatuation with climate denial and get serious about reducing emissions and adapting to climate change before even more damage is done. It’s time to stop hesitating and allowing climate action to be undermined and recognise the urgent action that is required now,” Ms Barham concluded.

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Background on The Greens’ Climate Change Bill

  • Phil Bradley

    23 March, 2016 at 8:50 pm

    What a Greens team! All “fighting” (non-violently of course) for the urgent strong climate action that’s ‘possible, affordable & essential’ to save all species from runaway global frying! Why won’t the Coalition & Labor agree to banning the $ billions of subsidies they give to the fossil fuel industry and ban the $ millions they get from mining corporations’ donations? We need a Federal ICAC now!

  • Helen Esmond

    25 March, 2016 at 11:41 pm

    How many fires will have to be fought and homes and roads rebuilt after storms and floods before people start to work out that climate disruption will cost us big dollars?

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