New South Wales can lead the way in addressing climate change. The Greens have introduced legislation to guide the Government in fulfilling its duty of care to safeguard people and the environment.

The Greens’ Climate Change Bill requires the Government to:

  • Achieve net zero emissions by 2040 and set annual carbon budgets that lock in the trajectory to meet the target.
  • Develop four-year Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change Adaptation Plans to provide guidance and certainty to the community and business sectors
  • Ensure all government decisions are consistent with climate action plans, with the public able to bring legal action against any decisions that undermine climate action
  • Make every government agency and council a responsible partner, ensuring a whole of government, all of society approach to addressing climate change
  • Establish an expert Climate Change Commission to provide independent advice to government and the community
  • Report annually to Parliament and the public on progress toward achieving zero emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change

Read the Hansard record of Jan’s speech introducing the Bill

  Download the Briefing Note (PDF)   Download the Climate Change Bill (PDF)