1. Climate change is a serious threat to our social, economic and environmental wellbeing.
  2. There is strong scientific evidence that:
    • climate change caused by human activity and greenhouse gas emissions has a significant effect on people, communities and ecosystems, and
    • continued greenhouse gas emissions will increase climate change and the threat of serious and irreversible damage.
  3. There is a global objective, reflected in international treaties and agreements, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming and reduce the risk of catastrophic effects of climate change.
  4. Climate change is a global concern that requires a response from all levels of government, the private business sector and the wider community.
  5. I pledge to take action to address climate change, and call on the Government to take urgent action and develop strategies, policies and programs to:
    • set and meet targets for the transition to a net zero emissions society, and
    • adapt to the effects and prepare for the risks of climate change.